Friday, April 9, 2010


  • Tsubasa, the title character, is a boy whose was destined to become a born football player. His name translates to “Big Sky Wings”. His love and dedication towards the game is truly great. With his cheerful and positive personality, he overcomes many hardships in his quest to become a world-class star player. He made many friends every where he goes; even some ill-tempered players are fascinated by his friendliness. All his shots were powerful and his techniques are unique and were difficult to follow.
  • Main Techniques: Drive Shooter, Flying Drive Shooter, Skywing Shoot. Other Techniques (some of them he learnt while playing with others: Heel Lift, Golden Combi (with Taro Misaki), Golden Trio (with Taro and Shingo Aoi), SkyDive Shot, Overhead Kick (from Roberto), Drive Pass, Flying Drive Pass, Twin Shoot (with Taro), Drive Tiger Twin Shot (with Hyuga), Chokkaku Feint (from Shingo), Green Cut Pass(From Misaki),Back Spin Pass, Counter Arrow Shoot, Foul Inducing Dribble, Gamnen Block (from Ishisaki),Back Flip and acrobatics (from Dias), Sorachû Soccer Tachibana kyô (from Tachibana Bros.), Jumping Pass,Rolling Overhead Kick (from Santana), Santana Turn (from Santana), Skylab Defense (from Tachibana Bros.), Rivaul Turn (from Rivaul)

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